Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-01-15T21:42:28+00:00

Why go to Colibri Art and Framing™?

What is the difference between custom framing and buying a pre-made frame? 2017-12-13T01:43:49+00:00

Pre-made frames are mass produced with lesser quality materials such as styrene (a plastic), non-UV-protected glass, and mats and backings that are not acid free. A good independent custom framer will use quality materials that provide a long-lasting result and protect your artwork.

Custom framing allows the frame to be built to the specifications of the artwork in order to create a balanced outcome instead of forcing the artwork to conform to a set-sized pre-made frame.

How is Colibri Art and Framing different from a big-box retailer? 2017-12-13T01:44:32+00:00

The main differences are quality, selection, and experience. At Colibri Art and Framing, you will find more than 3,000 frame moulding profiles and hundreds of matboard options. We only work with suppliers that offer quality products and unique options that you won’t find at big-box retailers. Our frames and mats are all cut and assembled in our facility. Our designers have extensive art, design, and framing backgrounds and continue their education with leading experts in the art and framing field. We guarantee our workmanship and design!

Can you complete my project quickly? 2017-12-13T01:45:06+00:00

Yes, we can! We feature more than 300 frame moulding profiles and 250 matboard options in our signature Veloce Collection that can be custom framed in 3 days or less.

Quality Materials

What kind of glazing do you use to protect the art? 2017-12-20T02:03:28+00:00

Whether you are using glass or acrylic to protect your artwork, ultraviolet filtering glazing will provide protection from fading caused by sunlight and indoor lights. Non-glare and anti-reflective glazing are also available, including museum grade, which has the highest clarity for optimal viewing. Acrylic is often used in framing higher valued artwork, for children’s rooms (or places where safety is a concern), or for large pieces where weight is an issue. Pre-made frames and artwork framed prior to the 1980s almost always utilize non-ultraviolet glazing, which will cause your artwork to fade.

How do you mount the artwork? 2017-12-13T02:29:56+00:00

Hinging is one of the processes by which your artwork is attached to its backing or mat. We only use acid free, pH neutral, reversible hinges in a minimal fashion to protect your artwork. Mulberry paper hinges with starch paste are employed when appropriate as are photo corners. These methods are all reversible and are attached to small areas of the artwork only.

Mounting is another option to attach your artwork to its backing for a flattened presentation and is accomplished with the use of a vacuum press and various degrees of heat. There are reversible and non-reversible options available, depending on the type of artwork that you have. We can mount posters and photographs up to 48” x 96”.

Do you use archival mats and backings? 2017-12-13T01:46:39+00:00

Proper matting protects your artwork from the glazing above by creating a barrier between them, reducing the forming of moisture and condensation. The matting is in direct contact with your artwork and therefore needs to be 100% acid free, meaning that the top, bottom, and core of the mat are acid free, not just the side that rests on the artwork. We only use 100% acid free options, including museum cotton rag and buffered rag matting, which are also lignin free (the highest level of conservation). Non-acid-free mats or partially acid free mats will leach chemicals onto your artwork, which causes discoloration, burn lines, and foxing over time.

Our artwork backings, which rest against the back of your artwork providing support, are also acid free. Non-acid free backers will leach chemicals and discolor the artwork over time.

What kind of frame mouldings do you use? 2017-12-20T02:06:41+00:00

We feature custom wood and metal frame moulding from quality suppliers, so you will achieve beautiful finishes, sturdy construction, and long-lasting results. From basic black to traditional, rustic to highly ornate, barn wood to water gilded finishes, we have over 3,000 profiles that will enhance and complement your artwork. We also feature a selection of handmade closed corner profiles in Peruvian leather, welded metal, carved wood, and hand-gilded finishes. Inexpensive pre-made frames are often constructed from styrene (a plastic), which will pop open at the corner joins over time.

What We Frame

Can you update a previously framed piece that just needs a few changes? 2018-01-18T17:37:43+00:00

Of course! We can help you refresh any existing piece by changing individual elements such as the matting, glazing, or frame. We can also change out your existing artwork for a new piece that you need installed.

Do you replace broken glass? 2017-12-13T02:40:55+00:00

Absolutely! We recommend that you carefully transport your artwork to us if the broken glass is still in the piece. Let us help you bring it from your car to the design counter to eliminate the possibility of damage to the artwork.

Can you frame 3-dimensional objects? 2017-12-13T02:40:15+00:00

We can. We have framed a vast range of objects over the years and enjoy creating designs, such as shadow boxes, that can help tell a story. We love a good challenge, so let us help you bring your treasured objects to life!

Do you frame needlework and textiles? 2017-12-13T02:39:47+00:00

We are known for our skill in framing needlework and textiles and have many clients who travel from outside the area for our expert services. We employ proper methods such as stretching, blocking, lacing, and pinning of these delicate items.

Do you stretch works of art on canvas? 2017-12-13T02:39:07+00:00

We do. Your canvas can be stretched and placed into a frame or gallery wrapped to be placed into a float frame so that the edges of the artwork can be seen. We also gallery wrap canvas so that you can hang the artwork without a frame.

Do you frame mirrors? 2017-12-13T02:36:18+00:00

We not only frame mirrors, we can also provide the mirror for you, beveled or flat. Just measure the space where you want to hang the mirror, providing the outside size of the frame, and we will help you select a frame that works with your space and décor.

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